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Exclusive Premiere: Lizzie Cates Releases New Music Video "I Like The Way"

Pop/country singer-songwriter Lizzie Cates' new single "I Like The Way" released on July 31st. 2020. She keeps us on our toes literally with her fun and upbeat music video full of life, joy and possibilities. Who doesn't "like the way" a good song feels? The romance she delivers on her single is brought to life while she shares her passion for romance in one of her favorite places, New York City. This rising female country star has delivered the perfect upbeat tune for all the summer road trip romances. The country vibe of the song is accented with beautiful electric guitar holds and a driving beat and the lights and sensory joy of making her way through NYC.

"I knew I wanted this to be a fun, upbeat love song. I love to write songs in metaphors. At the time, I had a huge fascination with New York City and loved the idea of how terrifying but intriguing and beautiful it is at the same time. I thought that was a great comparison to first falling in love with someone."-Lizzie Cates

"I Like the Way" was written by Lizzie Cates, Kate Hasting, Josh Beale, and Robbie Artress. Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar, Organ: Gideon Klein and Gabe Klein Production, Sound Engineering, Mixing: Robbie Artress Mastering: John Neclerio

Music Video Production: Jon Galletti

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