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Exclusive Premiere & Interview: Adam Rutledge Don't Stop Album Art and Track List

Adam Rutledge's new album Don't Stop will be available for streaming and downloading across all digital media outlets on September 18. 2020. Music Update Central Exclusively Premiere's Adam's Album Art & Track Listing. We talked with Adam about his upcoming album release and wanted to take our readers on a journey with some of the songs on this project.

1. Adam, you really captured a mood with the album art. I got James Dean vibes...that is a compliment. The last song on the album is "Mood."  What inspired your overall "Mood" in putting this album together?

Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. There were a lot of different things that inspired the songs on this album but I have to say the biggest inspiration was FREEDOM. Once COVID shut everything down, I found myself with a lot of free time and it really allowed my mind to wander and to really park itself in the creative realm. A lot of these ideas came during my morning walks with my dogs, a cup of coffee and messaging back and forth with Jeff Smith. I think Jeff and I felt really free writing this record. We just wrote whatever we felt like writing. We both come from a rock and roll background and the first 2 songs we wrote, "Miss Another Sunset" and "Unwind," are very rock and roll. In the past we might've tried to make them a little more "country," but this time we wanted to let the songs be whatever they wanted to be. It felt GREAT!! Freedom, that was our mood when putting this album together.

2. Track #11 "I Love My Life." Name the first three things that come to mind that you love about your life.

1. My children (Riggins 6, Tate 6 and Harper 4, and my 2 pups, Xavier and Dax)

2. My wife Kelly

3. My mom, dad and brothers

Those three are pretty much my whole world. Music would be in the Top Five though, along with my friends.

3. Track #7 "Unwind." How do you unwind?

I have a few different ways....depends on the night. It's either a long walk with my pups and a good podcast, watching Netflix with my wife or a good cigar and a margarita.