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EP Review: "Probably Crying" by Girl Wilde

Pop artist Girl Wilde has dropped her debut EP on streaming services this past Friday, entitled Probably Crying. Upon first listen of this release, it became apparent to me that Wilde's vocals were a force to be reckoned with. It sounded like she put her heart and soul in to every single song on the release, but let's go ahead and break this thing down track-by-track:

1: "Probably Crying": The first three seconds of the EP pull us in with Girl Wilde telling the listener she most likely spends her Friday nights crying due to some guy breaking her heart. She delivers the verses with such anger and anguish, and it sounds beautiful. When I listened to this awesome title track, I looked forward to that chorus. This a great start to the release.

2: "I Don't Wanna Die": This song starts with a fade-in and has a funky feel to it. This feel is consistent throughout. Girl Wilde's vocals are great on it, and it has a good place on the EP as a second song, not taking away momentum gained from the previous one.

3: "WeT": A song that has sort of a Billie Eilish flare to it, "WeT" is more of a commercial-sounding song, one of two. There's not much to say about it except, it's a feel-good pop tune with a very catchy chorus.

4: "BATSHIT": This tune is the most upbeat on the whole release. While the other songs on the album have sort of a somber, depressing, angsty feel to them, "BATSHIT" is a song about getting together with your friends and having a grand old time doing mischievous activities. Wilde's falsetto in the chorus of this song is particularly notable.

5: "Killing Time": The last song on the EP is the most mellow song out of all of them, in my opinion. Most of it is just Wilde singing with some accompaniment and minimal percussion, until the very end, when it explodes into a very emotional performance. This is probably the most commercial song on the EP and the one that radio stations might play should it be pitched to them. "Killing Time" is a good way to end the EP.

Overall, Girl Wilde has pleased the music-listening crowd with a strong debut release. Probably Crying is an EP that should be listened to if you are ever in the mood for some moody pop music after a bad day. Well done!!


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