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Ellen Dryden Releases Acoustic Version of “Come On Honey”

Indie roots artist Nellen Dryden writes songs influenced by her R&B, folk, gospel and country music upbringing, and a simple acoustic version of her touching “Come One Honey” was released today. The single is the latest from her upcoming album Standstill on Fairfax Records (a subsidiary of AHP Records).

“This song was truly brought to life after recording it live to tape with my friend Josh Hahn and a smoking band,” said Nellen. “It found new heights, and because it was recorded live to tape, it has a warm, honey-like quality, akin to its title. Some think it’s a protest song. Some think it’s a love song. Whatever way you hear it, I hope it melts your winter blues into some liquid gold.”

Respected music site Tonic Grain opined about the song: “The track possesses an irresistible, evocative warmth and a fascinating throwback feel. Dryden’s sweet vocals sound sincere, yet strong and confident. The sensitive guitar and playful piano parts shine bright and hopeful. With this song, the artist brings a subtle groove and shows a very gentle inner power.”

A native of New York City and now based in Nashville, Nellen’s sound is anchored in the roots of Americana music - from cosmic country to R&B to greasy, roadhouse rock & roll. She deepens and diversifies her songwriting on Standstill, which she produced with Jules Belmont. The album was recorded straight to tape without click tracks or studio trickery. The band performed together, capturing each song in a series of live takes, with Jules Belmont serving as Dryden's multi-instrumentalist and right-hand man. The old-school approach suited her songs well - warm, gritty, and clutter-free.

The new album is set for a vinyl-only release late summer 2021.

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