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Elizabeth Donald Mesmerizing Listeners with"Easier to Apologize"

Elizabeth Donald dropped a beautiful reminder with touching lyrics and mesmerizing vocals with the release of "Easier to Apologize".

The emotional song was written by Hillary Lindsey, one of Nashville's most esteemed songwriters (who penned songs for the soundtrack of smash hit film A Star is Born). "Easier to Apologize" was produced by John McBride, Dann Huff and David Huff at the legendary Blackbird Studios Nashville.

Overall, listeners will be majorly blown away with the memorizing vocals shine massive amount of light on the overall project. "Easier to Apologize is a beautiful reminder to forgive others and avoid arguing over petty things. I hope others can resonate with the message of loving one another." said Elizabeth.

"So you raise that white flag and / Take those words back / I start to see your side, you start to see mine / Then we pour some red wine and / Make love 'til the sun shines / 'Cause we know how fast time flies / It's easier to apologize,"she sings.

Elizabeth is an Aussie country music artist born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, however for the past 3 years has called the United Arab Emirates home - she now hails from Dubai, UAE. Female artists like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey and Celine Dion has shaped Elizabeth’s sound, and she's worked with Grammy-award winning producer, David Foster, Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello and more. 


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