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Drew Haley Reminds Us to Be Thankful for Our Mothers in New Single “A Good Woman”

As the holidays approach, singer-songwriter Drew Haley has released a heartwarming single entitled “A Good Woman” to pay tribute to her mother, as well all mothers and motherly figures out there. Illustrating the sacrifices her single mother made for Haley and her family, the single is masterfully simplistic and touching.

Listen to the track here:

Drew Haley is a cross-genre success because she nevers allows herself to conform. Her summer single “High In Denver” was received as a free-spirited anthem in indie music and “A Good Woman” draws upon her country background and singer-songwriter storytelling skills. Haley reflects on her relationship with her mother not only because of how close they are today, with Haley now being a mother as well.

“A Good Woman” opens with visuals we can all imagine: “dirty hands washed, bellies fed,” and immediately juxtaposed with another memory: “smart-mouth remark got our butts turned red.” The duality of motherhood is showcased brilliantly in the opening of the song. While Haley’s mother was always caring for her children in simple ways, she also disciplined them as only a woman of strong character can.

“Nothing compares to the heart of a mother” is the constant refrain found in “A Good Woman” and it’s impossible to disagree. As mothers grow older and their children become parents themselves, it’s hard to ignore all the positive qualities that a good mother instills in her children throughout their lives. “She’s in the front row seat at all my shows,” Haley shares. Even as an adult, the singer knows her mother will never leave her side and will never stop supporting her dreams.

“A Good Woman” is inspirational and deeply emotional for Haley herself, but it’s important to remember that any person who can relate to having a wonderful motherly figure in their life will be able to insert their own experiences into her lyrics- and that is truly the mark of a successful song.


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