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Diamond Dixie Announces Upcoming Release of Debut Album

The extremely popular, independent country sister-duo, Diamond Dixie, is pleased to announce the upcoming release of their highly-anticipated, debut album GROWING WINGS on January 20, 2021. Decades in the making, the 10-track album is a compilation of Diamond Dixie career essentials--it introduces six news songs, including the recently released singles "Girls Like That," and "I Think It's Funny," and revisits a retrospective collection of favorites from previous projects, including "Limitless," "Take A Hint," "Without Your Love" and "Heartbreak."

Fans who pre-order GROWING WINGS between now and January 19, have a choice to receive an autographed copy of the album when it is released (by ordering during pre-sale at, OR an instant gratification digital download of the title track, "Growing Wings" (by ordering through Apple Music), dependent upon where they place their order.

Beginning their professional music career as teenagers, Diamond Dixie,built enormous success primarily with the release of singles and EPs and through social media by engaging fans about their latest obsessions (from new music and cowboy boots, to skinny Starbucks lattes and surfing). Now in their early twenties, veteran artists Gabriela and Bianca LeDuchave amassed millions of followers across the globe, made hundreds of media appearances, and performed on some of the biggest stages--all without having released a full-length album.

"For years, our fans had been asking us for an album, and so we planned to get it out right after our appearance at this year's CMA music festival," chuckles Bianca "but then, the virus hit, and just like everything else, our plans were postponed." "We are determined to start 2021 off right!" exclaims Gabriela. "Our fans have been so supportive of us throughout our entire career, so we wanted to put out an album that embodies our musical journey--from where we started to where we want to go. The result is sort of a "best of" collection that we hope our fans will love!"


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