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Dave Herrera Releases New Track, “Visiting Nashville,” an Ode to Music City - Available Jan. 29

After releasing an ode to his home state of California with the country-infused track “Hollywood Sign,” Dave Herrera now shows his admiration for Nashville, Tennessee with the release of “Visiting Nashville.” Inspired by late nights in Music City, the new track will be available on Jan. 29 and can be downloaded here.

“Visiting Nashville” recounts an unforgettable trip to the city “where the stars are made.” With mentions of three-tier honky-tonks, rooftop bars and old-style country mixed with the new, Herrera paints the picture of the perfect trip surrounding the home of Country music: “Welcome to Nashville – where the music flows through the veins of the city streets with a country beat…”

Herrera wrote and produced the track with the help of Cory Coppin co-writer and co-producer Jeff Balding. “I did not know what to expect when Visiting Nashville, but I can tell you it was everything expected and more, so I condensed my visit into a song and music video using my perspective as a first time visitor to Nashville.” Visiting Nashville was recorded at WestRoc Studios in Sacramento, Ca.

In addition to the release of the song, the music video was shot will also be released on Jan. 29, 2021.

Herrera’s previous release, “Hollywood Sign” continues to gain momentum at Country radio. Released in September, “Hollywood Sign” tells the story of a couple ending the night sitting on the famed Hollywood hillside as city life carries on below. Herrera released a music video for the song in the City of Angels itself, and already has accumulated 100k+ views. The video for “Hollywood Sign” can be viewed here.

Raised in Sacramento, Calif. by a single mother and his grandparents, high school was a formative time in Herrera’s life. It’s when he found the rundown, ‘69 Chevrolet Chevelle that would become his first car, spending endless hours poring over the antique vehicle that was both a necessity and a cherished heirloom. It’s also when he began dipping his toes into music, writing songs, and playing guitar with his friends, calling the craft “a real passion.” Viewing music more as a hobby than a profession at the time, it wasn’t until his grandfather’s health began to deteriorate before his passing - a man he thought of as a father figure - that Herrera’s mindset about pursuing music professionally started to evolve.

But it wouldn’t be until adulthood that Herrera solidified his desire to be an artist. After attending a real estate and development class at California State University Sacramento, he soon had a growing interest in commercial real estate brokerage, currently working as Executive Vice President at Colliers International. Along the way, music was the invisible element guiding him along, receiving consistent signs that it was part of his destiny. One such sign arose when Herrera met Bret Bair and Eric Rushing, previous owners of Sacramento music venue, Ace of Spades (now owned by LiveNation). Through commercial brokerage, the three businessmen have since teamed up to open multiple live music venues across the city with Bair and Rushing owning the businesses and booking the acts, and Herrera representing them on the real estate side. The positive reinforcement Herrera received after playing some of his s