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Curt Chambers Releases Raw Impactful Song "Different Views" About Social Injustice

Different Views” by Curt Chambers is a true country song that is sure to make you feel sentimental about the way we all see our lives. Curt gives an inside view to his experience of systemic racism.

Curt’s rich vocals, the immaculately produced instrumental, and strong lyrics paint a picture of the contrast in political standpoints and fundamental human rights between people of different races and backgrounds. The song is raw, heartbreaking, and makes the listener think about how we all see things from an altered view, especially through the lens of white privilege. “Different Views” is delivered through a stellar vocal performance and beautifully written words with vulnerable storytelling. With lyrics such as “somewhere there’s a boy running down the street past a white Pickett fence and evergreens, and on the other side of town, a boy’s walking in between vacant buildings and needles on concrete” and “when you go your jog it’d probably never cross your mind of sharing your last breath with the world and making headlines” Curt's message is formidable and inspiring. As for instrumentation, the ringing guitar and subtle background vocals floating against Chambers’ deep and rich vocals add to the focus of the song. The classic country sound behind such important lyrics only enhances the sincerity to the song.

“Different Views” is a stunning song that reminds us of how the lives of people of color are affected differently on a daily basis. Curt Chambers’ admirable songwriting capabilities truly shine in this song. He created an anthem for people of color. The message Curt implies is how he hopes to share his experiences as a black man and illuminate the challenges faced by people of color in our society.


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