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Curt Chamber Shares 'Different Views' in People Magazine Exclusive (Music Video)

'Different Views' Music Video Out Now!

February 11, 2021 (Nashville, TN) -The music video for Curt Chambers' single "Different Views" is now live on the Grammy-award winning artist's VEVO and YouTube pages. It premiered exclusively with People Magazine earlier today. The corresponding song is available on all digital download and streaming platforms.

Additionally, Curt Chambers will be performing alongside Mac McAnally, Christone "Kingfish" Ingram, Charlie Worsham and Bobby Rush in tribute to the late Charley Pride for PBS's "Charley Pride: Star of Hope" concert. Viewers should check their local listings to determine when the event, which will also feature tribute appearances from Brad Paisley, Darius Rucker, The Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Azar and Marty Stuart, will air in their area.

"Different Views" is a passionate song about the hard truths of being a Black man in America. Over the last year, acts of police brutality have been displayed on a scale so large, the whole world has been forced to pay attention as never before. Released on Election Day in 2020, this song encapsulates the long journey Americans have taken toward racial reconciliation. The scenes accompanying Chambers’ powerful voice depict flashing police lights and billowing smoke as demonstrations rage on, with activists' fists held high in honor of the lives lost.

"Different Views" is Chambers’ plea for everyone to take a look at the racial divide in this country from another person's perspective. Country music needs more strong Black voices like Curt's to show an underrepresented side of life in America. "Different Views" serves as the soundtrack for clips of protests and marches for Black Lives Matter. It is a battle cry for the ever-present struggle for equality and a call to action inviting us all to see things from a "different view."

Chambers tells his side of the story in this touching project without rage or anger, gently asking his audience to consider what it might be like to walk in his shoes. His rich, soulful music is juxtaposed with the harsh reality he sings about. His lyrics recount the hardships and tensions shown up close in the images of the cinematography.

“If I see blue lights, it shouldn’t mean my life with one wrong move,” Chambers sings as the police lights flash on screen. With the close-up on his eyes, you can see the emotion and passion inside as the gravity of these situations weighs heavily on him. Chambers represents a new generation of singers who advocate for social justice through their music, taking inspiration from legendary blues and soul musicians.

The stark black and white lighting emphasizes the bigger racial divide. It directs viewers' attention toward the issues at hand while preserving the intensity of the images. The video provides much-needed perspective on how these events have shaped Chambers’ life. Although he walks the same path as others, his point of view is different because of who he is. The contrast between views means that common ground is not easy to find. Nevertheless, it is worth it to pause and try to see the world from his vantage point. The “Different Views” music video is the perfect story of resilience for Black History Month.

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