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Country Trio Kopper and Kash Inspire with New Music Video for "The Best I Can"

The video directed by Tone Mauro of

Country Trio Kopper and Kash release a new music video for their newest single, “The Best I Can” available on all streaming and download sites. The family trio transports their audience through a difficult difference of opinion, that they attempt to overcome, the 'best they can.'

The music video takes us on a journey with an elaborate story line. Kopper and Kash establish the beginning of their story, as the teens shop for prom dresses with their father. The family argues over the dresses as Kopper and Kash sing about their complex emotions. “How’d I get so confused/ from high to shaky ground/ always know what I want to do/ So I’m doing the best I can when that's all I can do”. The audience can feel the love between the family members, even as we watch their misguided expressions. Almost like a coming-of-age film, the two girls try to navigate their desires, as their father attempts to guide them in the right direction.

The video is shot with organic camera movements as the pair transition through each scene. The audience watches as Kopper and Kash dress for their prom, experiencing every bit of anticipation and anxiety alongside them. At the prom, the duo is surrounded by an earthy fire pit experience, providing a thought provoking atmosphere as they sing about the intricate emotions that are difficult to express alongside their friends.

The video concludes as the family begins to argue. The father holds his ground, providing valuable perspectives. The family shares in an embrace, they are all doing the best they can in this difficult transition in their lives. What sets this group apart from other country artists and bands is that their music is the backdrop of their own life. The authenticity of the story connects with their audience because they are playing out the lyrical composition of their real lives.

"Our hope is that our overall message inspires our listeners and viewers to embrace and celebrate that we are all doing The Best We Can, especially during difficult moments in our life." - Kopper and Kash

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