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Country Star Hannah Anders Reminisces On The Old Days In New Single "18"

Country music's resident powerhouse vocalist Hannah Anders is back with a new hit titled “18”. Proving how talented she is, Hannah takes a break from her normal rowdy country sound to slow things down with this tune. Anders takes the time to reminisce on the days when she was a young and reckless 18 year old. You can find this tune on your favorite streaming platform now!

The intro of this song features a light acoustic guitar along with the distinctive sound of a steel guitar. This intricate melody is played under Hannah’s soft voice as she sings the first lyrics “I’m not 18 anymore.” The instrumentals play a quiet role, staying in the background truly allowing Hannah's heartfelt lyrics to stand out. The chorus shines bright as Hannah sings “I’m not as crazy as I used to be / Don’t jump in the fire with both feet / Lord only knows how I came this far with a reckless head and a rebel heart.” Hannah uses this beautiful tune to express her gratitude to her younger years as well as her thankfulness that she isn’t like that anymore. Just like everyone else, she was once a kid who made quick and impulsive decisions leading her down troublesome paths. Now she has learned from her past and grown into the intelligent woman she is today.

"After sitting with my producer and reviewing the giant handful of songs I had written for an upcoming project, he looked at me and said, 'I feel like we're missing one more. One more that's YOU, that's personal, that's your story.' So I set off to continue writing, and set up a co-write with Nashville writer Kris Bergsnes. As we sat and talked about lyrical ideas we both had in our journals and stories of our lives (as you do in a songwriting session) , he shared a possible idea with me as a starting point for our yet to be written song. I can't even tell you now what it was, but it just felt like a song idea for a younger girl, someone who hadn't experienced as many of the hits and victories of life yet. It felt like it belonged to a girl I hadn't been in a long time. So I kind of shrugged my shoulders and said, "I don't feels like an idea for someone else...I'm not 18 anymore." He paused and looked at me and said, 'That's it. That's your song. That's what you need to write."

Along with her single, Hannah Anders has also given her fans a beautifully done music video to match. This video is very warm and welcoming as it gives the feeling we have been invited into Anders’ home to share this time with her. With varying scenes of the singer throughout her house, she delicately sings of the girl she used to be. The audience can feel the intense wave of nostalgia as B-rolls of Hannah flipping through an old photo album go hand-in-hand with her introspective lyrics. The video ends with Hannah closing the photo album as if signifying that story time is over. This is the perfect video for this song. A flashy video with dramatic camera movements and crazy outfits wouldn’t have gotten the message across the way this video did so effortlessly. Hannah kept things simple showing a deep understanding of her art.

Anders has a collection of accolades on her resume. She has never been one to shy away from the stage and has performed at CMAFest, Summer Fest, Country Thunder, and more. Since 2022 Hannah has been touring Europe. She's shared the stage with fellow artists like Locash, Billy Currington, and Keith Anderson, but her reach is not exclusive to the U.S. alone. Hannah tours the UK consistently with her original music, selling out shows and entertaining a slew of international fans. She also rocks the stage with her Miranda Lambert Tribute Band, Kerosene, while sharing her music along the way.

Hannah has clinched the Los Angeles Akademia Award for Best Country/Rock Song with her rip-roaring anthem, "Turn It Up.” The same song was also nominated by LOZ Radio for Song Of The Year and held the number-one spot for a solid month on Australia's Power FM Station. Hannah's songwriting kudos have been recognized by the world-famous Dodge Ram Truck Company, who commissioned her to write the theme song for their Nashville giveaway ad campaign.

Keep up with Hannah Anders on her website!


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