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Country Singer-Songwriter, Mickey Lamantia, Releases New Single, "Honky Tonk Confessions"

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 5, 2021) -- Traditional Country Music singer-songwriter, Mickey Lamantia, announced the release of "Honky Tonk Confessions," the latest single, off his upcoming Album, Honky Honk Confessions: The Final Chapter. The new music was written by industry veterans Marla Cannon-Goodman, Buddy Cannon and Mickey Lamantia. The demand for the tune landed at #7 on iTunes Pre-Order. "Honky Tonk Confessions"is available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms here.

“I had the idea of putting out a series of EP’s called Honky Tonk Confessions, with The Final Chapter being an Album and I asked Buddy Cannon and Marla Cannon-Goodman to co-write this song. It just felt like it would be an instant classic,” shared Mickey Lamantia. “The idea about the series came before the song, so there was some pressure to hit a home run with this song. We wrote the first verse and Marla really stepped up her game on the chorus and second verse. Buddy is one of the best writers ever and Marla is right there with him. This song has everything you could want in a Country song. I mean who doesn't pour their heart out in a Honky Tonk confession.”

“In our business, it’s rare that someone comes along with untapped, raw talent. This is Mickey Lamantia,” expressed co-writer Marla Cannon-Goodman. “His ideas are fresh yet old school. His melodies are fresh yet old school. “Honky Tonk Confessions” is fresh yet old school. So glad to get to be a part of this great record!!”

“Sooner or later Honky Tonk country music is going to make a roaring comeback into the lives of country music fans and reignite the musical fire that singers like Keith Whitley, Randy Travis and Vern Gosdin had burning so brightly a few years ago,” stated producer Buddy Cannon. “It is going to take a singer like Mickey Lamantia and a song like “Honky Tonk Confessions” to start the wildfire again. Hey, just maybe this is it. Play it and listen to it. Then play it again.”

“...First stool on the corner a guy sits all alone

Drinking like a crazy man to an old Vern Gosdin song

He said Love ain’t nothin’ but a curse dressed up like a blessing”

Then he poured out his pain in a Honky Tonk Confession

Vodka secrets

Whiskey Dreams

Long night long neck

barroom scenes

Ashtrays full of hard learned Marlboro lessons

Dance Floor laughter

Barstool tears

Right and wrong belong right here

At the altar of the Honky Tonk Confessions …”

Stay current with Mickey Lamantia on his website and follow him on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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