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After collectively receiving millions of views across TikTok and Instagram reels, rising country artist Gracie Carol drops an official lyric video for the viral hit "BREAKUP SZN."

In a People exclusive yesterday, Gracie opened up about her feelings throughout the relationship that inspired this single. "I wanted to get my career started and I wanted to tour, and I wanted to do a bunch of different things … and he just was not into it."

Since its release, Gracie's received editorial support from Spotify's New Music Nashville, Young Nashville, Fresh Finds: Country, and their newest playlist highlighting popular TikTok favorites - Viral Country.

The upbeat new single, "BREAKUP SZN," was produced by well-known pop artist Alex Angelo. The single was written by Gracie Carol, Alex Angelo, Mo Brown, Zach Seabolt, and Cooper Bascom.

You can listen by clicking here.

"Breakup Szn is for anyone who is going through a breakup or has gone through a breakup that left you feeling like your heart gotten broken into so many pieces. At the time, I had just got broken up with, and a couple of other of my girlfriends were having breakups as well. I was not who I thought I was, I didn’t know how to pick my feet back up. I went into one of my first writes after the breakup feeling so lost and not sure if I could even let my feelings out yet. After I talked about wanting to feel better again, one of my co-writers, Mo Brown, came up with the idea of the song title called “BREAKUP SZN” and from there I knew it had to be a fun boppy song I could jam to with my girlfriends in the car," explains Gracie.

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