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Country-Pop Queen Jenna DeVries Is Here To Stay

Jenna DeVries is a force to be reckoned with. A Nashville-based singer songwriter that made it to the Top 24 on American Idol’s farewell season, DeVries has a powerful voice that is sure to reach the soul of any listener. Starting her career in the country music scene, Jenna later started leaning more towards the pop genre when she came out as an LGBTQ artist. She felt the pop genre was less restricting. It gave her the ability to be loud and proud about who she is. Now, she skillfully combines the two genres and provides us with the sweet sounds of country-pop that accompany her authentic lyrics. If you prefer to be told a story through song, Jenna DeVries’ music is for you. Her latest release, “Self Made Man”, tells the story of scorned women everywhere and how no man could accomplish what he has without those women. Jenna isn’t one to shy away from making a statement in her songs or music videos no matter who it may piss off. At the end of the music video for “Self Made Man” Jenna turns around showcasing a shirt with “My body, My choice” painted in blood red paint.

Jenna has had multiple accomplishments throughout her short time in the industry including her recent single, "Daddy's Little Heart Attack," being featured on This tune was also added to the Next Women of Country playlist, and was seen on Wide Open Country's "6 New Country Songs You Need to Hear This Week" list. Adam Mac and Jenna's version of "Unholy" was also featured with Wide Open Country on the same list. Jenna’s single “Chapel,” a duet with Adam Mac, was voted number 1 on the CMT Music 12-Pack Countdown for two weeks in a row. She's also racked up over 1 million streams on Spotify alone from songs such as "Drunk Girls" with Harper Grae which was championed by People Country and CMT. Jenna has also been heavily championed by The Academy of Country Music, seen featured on their playlists and social media.

We haven’t seen the last of Jenna DeVries and I cannot wait to see what she’s planning!

Check Out Jenna DeVries: Website


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