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Country-pop princess Drachel releases new single "Champagne & Roses"

November 12, 2021 (Nashville, TN) - Country-pop artist Drachel releases new single "Champagne and Roses." The single is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Download/Streaming Link

Reminiscent of 90’s country, Drachel revitalizes the term Country Queen with her new song “Champagne and Roses.” The country music genre was ruled by women in the 1990s, everyone from Reba and Dolly, to Shania and Jo Dee Mesina. You can hear bits and pieces of every one of these influences in this song.

Her lyrics fall right in line with the production and influence. With lines like “trade your muddy boots for a three-piece suit,” Drachel makes it crystal clear that while she loves her life and her partner just the way they are, sometimes it's nice to go all out. Every girl wants to be spoiled every once in a while, and Drachel is no different. She beautifully paints the picture of their everyday life by including small details and imagery into her lyrics, before wrapping up her hopes into one simple line “Change it up, spend a buck, on Champagne & Roses.” Drachel brings a light, fun, upbeat, new song to sing into your hairbrush in the mornings with "Champagne & Roses."

Production Info: Writers: Bill DiLuigi, Drachel Pereira Production: Sean Giovanni Mastering: Joe LaPorta Background vocals: Brittini Black Acoustic guitar: Danny Rader Keys: David Dorn Drums: Miles McPherson Electric guitar: Rob McNelly Connect with Drachel Facebook Instagram Website

With pop-inspired melodies, witty lyrics, and powerhouse vocal delivery, Drachel’s fresh take on classic country is redefining her genre. “If I had to describe it, I’d say my sound is the musical love child of Reba and Shania Twain.” As for her glam-rock princess persona, what you see is what you get, and for good reason. Drachel wants to create music that empowers women to unapologetically embrace their femininity. Her goal as an artist is to use her platform to break down the internalized misogyny that has become so deeply ingrained in the music industry.

“There’s such a stereotype, especially in country music, that it’s sexy to be “one of the guys. I think we all really need to ask ourselves why that is—we should be proud to be women.”

Drachel is taking girl power to another level and shattering the industry standard on being taken seriously as a female artist. She states, “You can still be a badass dressed in pink, glitter, and Chanel.”

Raised on 90’s country, Drachel Pereira was drawn to music at an early age in her hometown of High Point, North Carolina. Growing up a dancer, she was no stranger to the stage and knew before grade school that she would be an entertainer. In addition to singing in church choirs and local talent shows, Drachel was trained in musical theatre at Bishop McGuinness Catholic College Preparatory High School and classical voice at Triple Threat School of Dance, Music, and Acting.

Although she was always a passionate performer and thrived as a stage actress, her love for music remained in the raw honesty of an acoustic guitar; and her strength in her ability to deliver a lyric with timeless elegance.

At the age of eighteen, the singer-songwriter left the theatre behind and entered the music scene with something to say, and a mission to be heard.

Dressed in her signature ripped denim and four-inch stilettos, she moved to Nashville, Tennessee, determined to make music on her own terms.

“Authenticity is the most important thing to me: I want my music to not only be a representation of where I’m at in my life, but also capture the universal experience of being a twenty-something that doesn’t quite have it together, but enjoys the process of getting there.”

Within the past year, Drachel graduated from Belmont University School of Music as a voice major, with a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music Performance. Today, she continues to write and perform original music in Nashville as an independent artist. Currently 22 years old, Drachel is in the process of recording her first studio album; and plans to release her second single in January of 2021.


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