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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (February 8th, 2021) – Country singer/songwriter Olivia Farabaugh releases highly anticipated new single My Way Back Home.

“I've had this song in my back pocket for a while now. I wrote this song during the busiest time that I have ever experienced with my music, before this pandemic hit. I was able to travel in my 17-foot travel trailer with my dog and occasionally my husband, playing shows across the middle and northern United States, and using my music to advocate for mental health. I grew up in the small town of Palmyra, Pennsylvania and like most teens, nobody wants to continue to live in their hometown once they are past a certain age. We are supposed to move on, move somewhere else. Which somewhere else is really just someone else's hometown. I found myself falling into amazing opportunities to travel and LOVING it. I realized quickly the world is a large place and whenever it started to overwhelm me, I would imagine my hometown. Where simplicity was within the 2 miles in each direction of the main street stop light. Where I could walk into the post office and see familiar faces and have all my family and friends looking back at me while I stood on stage,” Olivia explains.

Pennsylvania native singer-songwriter Olivia Farabaugh has an undeniable passion for using her music to its fullest. Her unique powerhouse rasp mixed with her high energy shows, positive vibes, and uplifting messages fill the hearts of her listeners and gives them a space to escape the real world for a few hours. With influences from Ed Sheeran and Maren Morris to Jack Johnson and Norah Jones, Olivia’s music creates an atmosphere you can get lost in.

From the beginning of Olivia’s music career, she has been blessed with being a Contestant on Season 10 of NBC’s The Voice, and has opened for amazing artists including Rodney Atkins, Chris Janson, Mitchell Tenpenny, Trent Harmon, Levi Hummon, Dylan Scott and more. She was named 2019’s Best Solo Act by the Central Pennsylvania Music Hall of Fame, she holds the title of winning the 2018 WIOV Showdown, and the 2016’s Central Pennsylvania Nash Next contest.

Olivia has been fortunate to have so many people believe and encourage her throughout her musical journey. One of the biggest influences being her guitar teacher Steve Creter. “He helped me learn the true power in 12 notes. It can bring a smile to faces, add comfort in hard times, or change a life. Between those 12 notes and God creating the moment and space for those notes to hit a person in the right way, beautiful things can happen from a song.”

Olivia is currently living part time in her 17-foot travel trailer, while playing shows and using her music to raise awareness for the importance of mental health as she continues to give back to her community. Half of all sales from Olivia’s EP, Memories to Melodies, are used to raise money for the Fill a Glass with Hope Campaign, who help feed children through charitable fresh milk in Pennsylvania. That project raised over $2,000 from the EP sales so far.

You can learn more about Olivia Farabaugh by following her on all social media platforms and at her website


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