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Country Music Newcomer Emily Kate Releases New Single "Giant"

Breakout country artist Emily Kate bursts into the country scene with her debut single, "Giant," for release on August 7th.

This single is an anthem for those of us who need a little reminder that you can do whatever you put your mind too. That we can rise up and exceed our own expectations. At times, we can be filled with self doubt, but overcoming our own self conceived notions can lend to great things. Kate wants to remind us that we are, “stronger than you could ever believe.” 

"Giant" is a standout female empowerment song. Emily Kate's vocal delivery is outstanding as she brings us her unique indie country style with no apologies. Listen as Emily Kate takes us on a journey about self discovery with rocking guitars and rhythmic piano that will make you want to listen to this song over and over again. 

"I was lacking the courage and belief in myself, however, I knew my true passion was music. This song, “Giant,” validated that for me. This song is an anthem for anyone who needs a little more courage in their life to become a better version of themselves.”

- Emily Kate

"Emily Kate’s voice is so unique; an undeniable country tone that you will instantly know is hers. Her lyrics, voice, and tone are simply amazing and will grab your attention, leaving you hanging on to every word. She has huge potential and I cannot wait to see where her musical journey takes her.” - Stacie Jower, Country Music Interviews - Route 66 Country

"Giant" was written by Olivia Wik and Doug Folkins. The song was produced and mixed by Shawn Moore at his production studio in Waterloo, ON. Mastered by John Mayfield of Mayfield Mastering. Vocals by Emily Kate. Guitars by Stu Weinberg. Bass by Junior Riggan. Keys by Chris Hurst. Drums by Shawn Moore.

For more information visit Emily Kate's website here


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