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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 15th, 2020)- Bowling Green, Kentucky native Trevor Martin just released his new single “Go-To” available all digital music retailers and streaming services and is inspired by a group outing with some of his closest friends and the prompted conversation subject - “What is your go-to?”

"The main inspiration for this song came from a question I would commonly ask my friends when getting to know them, "What is your Go-To?" Martin shares, “I would often ask, "What is your Go-To Coffee shop?" or, "What is your Go-To song when you're driving around town?"  I kept hearing that phrase, "Go-To," and one day in the middle of a write, the storyline popped in my head!

He continues, “The song is a love song about a girl who knows who she is and what she likes.  She knows her "Go-To" things and is very committed to those things, and the singer is hoping that at the end of the day he can be the guy that she calls her "Go-To."  This was the second song that my co-writer, Adam Smith, and I had written that day, and the lyric and melody came out very naturally.  We wrote this song in less than an hour and it said everything we wanted it to say!”

Trevor Martin has partnered with countless media outlets across the globe for the Your Go-To Virtual Tour with appearances kicking off on release day.

Trevor has performed multiple times for CMT, promoting the CMT Crossroads, The Listening Room, Ole Red, The Valentine, The Stage, and Belcourt Taps in Nashville. He’s also an actor! The country singer + songwriter has appeared in HBO’s “Vice Principals” and the feature film “90 Minutes in Heaven” where he wrote and performed the theme song “The UnMiracle.”

Connect with Trevor Martin by visiting and digitally on Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and YouTube.


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