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REVIEW: Country Artist on the Rise, Emily Miller, Releases “Prince Charming”

“Prince Charming,” the new love song released today by multi-talented Country artist on the rise, Emily Miller, is available for streaming and download on all digital music platforms. Click Here

To Learn More about Emily Miller:

REVIEW: Emily Miller is a country artist on the rise, and she showcases a softer side to her wide-ranging vocal talent with her new Country single "Prince Charming".  Get ready to be "swept off your feet" with this dreamy romantic ballad! In "Prince Charming" Emily delivers a sweet serenade that embodies every little girl's dream of being the princess in the fairy tales she idolizes.  The lyrical verses paint a beautiful picture of true love dreamed of, prayed for, and held on to. Emily's voice is pure ecstasy in the melodic chorus and it resonates beautifully in the listener's ears and memory long after the song is over. Emily was inspired to write this song for her childhood friend's anticipated wedding. It is a beautiful, romantic anecdote that brings even more meaning to the lyrics and enchanting melody. Emily Miller offers a refreshing escape from ballads where typically "somebody done somebody wrong" and inspires us to dream bigger and believe higher in the power of love. Although she croons longing for "Prince Charming to come and save me", with a voice so pure and strong as Emily's, I would say this artist is in fact the real heroine of the story no doubt saving her "Prince Charming".


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