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Country Artist Nathan Merovich Announces Release of New Single "Mama Song"

Country singer, Nathan Merovich announces the release of his new single Mama's Song available for pre-order on August 18th, 2020.

"Mamas song is a reflection of my struggles with depression and how I use my faith and my family to get me through those times.  My mom and I share a matching anchor tattoo to remind us that we can get through anything if we have our family," explains Nathan. "When she came to me with the lyrics for this song, it only took me a few minutes to come up with a melody because I could really feel the emotion behind the song. I think people will be able to relate to the experience the song brings on multiple levels.

Nathan’s mom, Michelle, actually wrote the lyrics to Mama’s Song as a testament to their struggles with depression and how they use each other and their belief in god to keep them anchored and steady through their hardships.  

Often compared to the sounds of Eric Church, with Nathan's vocals ranging over four octaves and his lifetime of guitar playing he takes his authentic country sound to a whole new level you don't want to walk away from.   Nathan is making headway in the country music world has opened for acts such as Big & Rich, Chris Jansen, Dylan Scott, Cowboy Troy, Fillmore, Seaforth, Caylee Hammack, Sam Grow and many more.  Nathan has recorded and released his first single titled, "90 Proof Pour" written by Tia Welsh and Nathan, as a mostly true story of how a local distillery, Nathan plays at frequently, came to life.  His first single has over 95,000 streams. You can learn more about Nathan Merovich by visiting and connecting on Instagram and Facebook.


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