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Country Artist Molly Lovette Releases Lovely New Single "One Woman Show"

Following the success of her latest single, Lovin’ You, breakout country sweetheart Molly Lovette is back with more heart lifting music in her brand-new single titled One Woman Show. 

Molly rocks it on her own as she expresses her life as a One Woman Show. Demonstrating a new side of passion for music, Molly steals the spotlight again as a driven and independent woman. Her clever lyrics and sense of imagery sets the stage for a catchy country single every woman can relate with. Molly pulls her heartfelt storytelling and honest lyrics from the emotions influenced by personal experiences.

Produced by acclaimed Jeffrey Teague, this song was written from the inspiration of societal female expectations. “It’s a song for all my independent ladies out there” states Molly. “I think there is a lot of pressure on young women especially, to have it all - relationship, career, social life, etc. One of the many questions I get asked by people after music is ‘Are you in a relationship?’ My answer is always, ‘I’m really focusing on my career right now.’ After getting that question one too many times, I decided to write. It’s a reminder to all the girls that we are capable of anything we put our minds to, and that it’s okay and necessary to give ourselves a break sometimes. Life gets crazy and we all need time for ourselves – to be our own One Woman Show.

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