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Country Artist Blaine Holcomb Teaches His Girl How To Be Country in New Single "Boot Shoppin'"

Country singer Blaine Holcomb released his boot-stompin’ single “Boot Shoppin’” on September 29th. He may be from upstate New York, but don’t count this cowboy out yet. Growing up listening to classic country tunes, Holcomb can hang with the best of them. In this tune, Blaine teaches his new honey how to have good old fashioned country fun. Listen on your favorite streaming platform now!

The song starts with a lone guitar note and a quiet “She got me takin’ her boot shoppin,” before a couple beats from the kick drum ring out signifying the start of the party. The sound of the full band fills up the space and from there starts a steady beat played under a classically country sounding guitar melody. Blaines lyrics compare how his girl acted before she met him versus how she acts now. He paints this picture using lyrics like “Before she laid her eyes on me / She never hung no Wrangler jeans / From the tree limb down by the creek bend” and “Got her playlist cranking Hank.” The intensity builds leading up to the chorus when suddenly the distinct sound of a fiddle chimes out. Blaine sings out “And now she wanna go boot shoppin’!” as the band begins to rock out. Towards the end of the song, Blaine begins to step back and allow the band to play them out.

This song paints the mental image of walking down Broadway in Nashville on a warm summer Friday night. The neon lights from the bar signs shine bright against the dark night sky as the live music coming from every building pours out through their open windows.

Blaine Holcomb has been featured on CMT, The Academy of Country Music, Holler, and more, being praised as one of Nashville’s most authentic country artists. Through the pandemic Blaine worked tirelessly on a new record, Over A Beer, which was released in October 2021 and already closing in on 1 million worldwide streams with hit singles like “Beer Taste Better,” and “I Drink She Drives.” Following the success of Over A Beer, Blaine released another 6 song EP in 2022 titled Lessons which featured Kinsey Rose on the title track. Other singles off that EP include “When It Comes To Love” and “Love A Little More.” Lessons has nearly 2 million streams worldwide.

Ready to build off recent successes, Blaine is gearing up for a new EP with new music coming in the fall of 2023. Working with his long-time producer, Jay Brunswick, Blaine is ready to take it up a notch, and he is just getting started. Holcomb excitedly shares “I’m really proud of this new project and I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I feel like Jay and I have taken it to the next level with these new songs and I can’t wait to get them out to the world. I hope you love them as much as I do.”

Keep up with Blaine Holcomb on his website!


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