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Country Artist and Air Force Captain Bree Jaxson Releases New Single "With You" for Her Children

Part of the United States Air Force for the past ten years, Bree Jaxson is an independent American country music and songwriter native from Baltimore. With songs incorporating elements of rock, pop, and jazz within the country genre, Bree has music as her passion and dream, managing to find time for it while also accomplishing a promotion to Captain and is leading a team of 167 service members. The Afghanistan combat war veteran holds the rank of Deputy Commander and Captain for Cyberspace Operations in the U.S. Air National Guard.

As Bree traveled around the world serving her country, she has learned how music can help her through tough times, “My music is a healing process for me while I am deployed or have to say goodbye for now,” which is something she hopes to teach her audience. Bree’s passion and dedication have secured her a distribution deal with Heart Songs Records, which she signed in December 2020, and, since then, has released singles such as "Make Me Hate You" and "Country Heart City Roots" which were featured on the American Country Music Awards (ACM) Spotify playlist. Jaxson’s single “Two Way Street” was added to Apple Music’s Best New Country Songs, Whiskey Riff’s New Music Friday playlist, CMT’s Roundup playlist, the Academy of Country Music’s New Music Friday playlist, and Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Country.

Bree Jaxson’s newest single, With You, will pull at people’s heartstrings with a beautifully crafted track that transports the audience to a different reality. The single gives the audience an incredibly soft and hopeful track, transporting listeners into their memories as they listen to the song. Starting with a peaceful melody, the track helps the audience feel at ease within themselves and the world surrounding them. This track completely distances listeners from reality, allowing them to be filled with hopes and dreams, as they hear Bree singing “Just know that you’ll never be alone”.

“With You” is the perfect tune for anyone needing a little extra encouragement, anyone going through a hard time. Bree Jaxson truly conveys a message of hope and comfort with her powerful and angelic voice, stating that “When you don’t know what to do. I’ll be with you.” This beautifully crafted song will quickly make its way into people’s hearts, being a must-have in everyone’s playlists.

Keep up with Bree Jaxson: INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | SPOTIFY


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