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Cory Singer Pays Homage to a Lost Love In New Single “I Still Love You”

Cory Singer’s “I Still Love You” will break your heart and take you through the pain of the “one that got away” in the most enchanting way. His lyrics express wanting to live “happily ever after” but being in the wrong place at the wrong time. He highlights the fact that you can move on and acknowledge how impactful someone has been in your life, but sometimes you can’t shake that sentiment and love you had for them, even if you’ll never get it back. Despite the pain the lyrics entail, the backing piano and strings offer a gentle and melodious accompaniment to Cory’s voice that will leave you speechless. “I Still Love You” is a song that’s able to dredge up deep memories of those we had to leave – who we could’ve had fulfilling relationships with if things were different.

"This is the most vulnerable song I have ever written. It is my true story of Love and Heartbreak." - Cory Singer

The video takes the song to another level by showing an exquisite visual representation of heartache. Simple shots of him singing the lyrics alone and reflecting on his past exhibit the rawness of the lyrics that weren’t quite there before. The ability to see his pained facial expressions while having a glimpse of him staring at a picture of his past love brings the moving lyrics to life.

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