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Collaborative Music Project, Arrows, Set To Drop Fifth Single “Wish You The Best” Featuring Tejas

Mumbai-based independent music project Arrows, the brainchild of musician and music journalist David Britto, released his fifth single “Wish You The Best” today on all streaming & download platforms. The dreamy indie-pop track includes a hooky acoustic guitar refrain, airy soundscapes as well as the deft production touch and breezy vocals from Mumbai singer-songwriter Tejas. You can listen to "Wish You The Best" here.

Sharing more about this release, David Britto said, “There are instances in life when you meet people and immediately know that a bond between them is set to be lifelong. The song encapsulates that exact sentiment, and ensures that wherever they are in the world or whatever is going on in their life, all you want for them is to succeed and be happy no matter what.”

On working with Tejas, David Britto said, “From being a fan to now, being able to call Tejas a friend is fantastic. We’ve grown to know each other over the last six years and found a lot of commonalities in one another. To have collaborated with him on this song has been fantastic. His work ethic, his cleverness as a producer and just him being an overall helper has been wonderful."

“Wish You The Best” brings together Arrows’ ability to tell stories through his songwriting and Tejas’ honeyed vocals which are rested beautifully on a bed of lush sonic elements from acoustic guitars to synths. An animated music video that captures the essence of the song will also be released along with the song.

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