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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (October 16, 2019) ⎼ Country crooner Paul Bogart brings us back to Summer with his new official music video for “I’m Just Sayin’.” CMT's Next Up Now debuted this feel-good, breezy video on Wednesday, taking viewers on to the water with Bogart, prolonging the warmer months as long as possible. Written and produced by Trent Willmon with Jenee Fleanor and Buddy Owens, Bogart sings a lighthearted love song about wooing a woman with a tropical getaway and it can be streamed here. The music video was directed by Nashville’s Quinton Cook.

“Quinton Cook did a fantastic job of capturing everything that this song is about; highlighting a perfect day on the water, in the sun, with your girl and loving life. The video fits the song to a T and I am extremely proud of it and excited for the world to see it,” said Paul Bogart.

The single premiered on has already received support from playlists including Apple Music’s The Sand Bar, Spotify’s New Music Nashville and Pandora’s New Country Now and Spring Break. Paul's previous single, “Mothers and Sons,” gained support from Spotify on their New Music Nashville playlist and Taste of Country called his song “When the Cowboys are Gone,” “nothing but authentic.”

About Paul Bogart Though his songs are fresh and he himself is young, Paul Bogart is an old soul with a knack for capturing time-honored traditions and summing up classic sentiments in catchy, three-minute songs. Exuding sincerity and a rare, down-to-earth charm, he is, simply put, the epitome of traditional country music. After nearly a decade of writing, playing and touring, Bogart has begun pulling in big numbers in every arena, literally. Whether it’s the main stage at the AQHA World Championships with thousands in attendance or the social media scene with over 3.5 million fans reached through all social video platforms, lead by “The Cowboy Way” and “Cowboy Ride” with over 2.6 million views, Bogart’s songs have connected with America’s Heartland in a real, tangible way that modern country has perhaps missed. He released the album Leather in 2017 which garnered critical praise for “grounding itself in the foundations of country music fandom's tenets of faith and family.” ( For more information on Paul Bogart, visit


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