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Christina Taylor Releases Catchy New Single “Settin’ Myself on Fire”

With over 1.5 million Spotify streams, and an 2018 artist to watch, Christina Taylor has had recent success and plans on continuing that trend with a catchy new single “Settin’ Myself on Fire.”

Taylor co-wrote this track with Steven Martinez, Ava Suppelsa, and Johnny Day and is her fourth single released since 2017. Its lyrics describe someone who always tends to go back to the same cold person over and over again, no matter how toxic the other half may be. One anonymous fan said that they “really like the whole song, the lyrics and storyline, the vocals, the instruments, the beat. It all meshed well together and I could see this song being a hit!” These lyrics are very relatable for people who can’t seem to quit drifting away from someone even though that someone isn’t good for them.

“Settin’ Myself on Fire” will surely be on the setlist as she travels to Key West, Florida to take the stage at the Key West Songwriter’s Festival in May. To follow Christina Taylor’s journey to the top, follow her on Instagram (@ChristinaTaylormusic) and Twitter (@ChristinaTMusic) and download “Settin’ Myself on Fire” anywhere music is streamed!


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