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Christian French nears the edge of heartbreak with brooding new single “paper thin”

Christian French releases emotional new single “paper thin,” where he finds himself at the breaking point of a tumultuous relationship. The melancholic track is the latest entry from his highly-anticipated good things take time EP (via Disruptor Records/RCA Records), which drops later this month. Listen HERE.

“paper thin” is about giving a relationship one last push to get through the turbulence and make it back to love again,” Christian says. Whether it’s stubbornness or sadness, the toxicity of the relationship has built up to the point of a forced decision. “In that moment, every memory that you’ve made together comes flashing back, and you really start to second-guess what life would be like without this person.”

On August 21st, French will release the good things take time EP, on Disruptor Records/RCA Records, a collection which includes “i think too much,” plus singles “crowded room” and “time of our lives,” all songs that have surpassed millions of streams to date.


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