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Chris Young: Raised On Country Tour Performs in West Palm Beach, Florida

Photo Credit: Robin Beers

Leah Nerges and I had the great distinction of being MUC staff photographers for this concert.The weather has been quite a challenge in South Florida lately, and photographing an outdoor venue can be intimidating. As the consummate professionals that we are forging ahead ready and prepared with rain gear and plastic bags.

As it turned out that the skies held off with any deluge of rain, and the concert was great! First opener was LoCash, they came on with high energy to get that crowd going.

Chris Lucas and Preston Brust make up the popular country team. They are Florida boys, so they knew exactly how to get the crowd moving and shaking in the sweltering heat.

Photo Creds: Leah Nerges

Next opening act up was another high powered, full of energy act, Chris Janson. Not only is he a singer/songwriter, but boy he can play that harmonica, with such ease and flair! He is so animated in his performance, that it lent to some great photo ops!

Watch out for his new album which is dropping in October, it is loaded with songwriters and producers, that he engaged saying that his real friends helped put this album together, hence the name of the album, "Real Friends". One noted star would be Blake Shelton, they put together a song not yet released aptly titled, "Real Friends"and we bet fans are waiting anxiously for it. Chris J. did sing his well known debut Single from 2015, "Buy Me a Boat". That was fun to watch Chris become animated, and just jump around and have a good ole time!

Photo Creds: Robin Beers

Headlining the event was Chris Young. This show was the last leg of his summer tour, and even though it was a rainless night we are having one of the hottest summers on record so what a way to finish the summer!! You know the band was steaming from the heat, but they did not show it. They did a phenomenal job, never stopping for a minute because of the uncomfortable idleness, with no wind whatsoever. The Raised on Country Tour, was a success, and his rendition of "Raised on Country", was fantastic! Looking forward to hearing about the fall leg of this tour.... Keep it going Chris Young, you are amazing!! Thank you for bringing the tour to South Florida on one of the hottest days and nights ever...


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