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Singer/songwriter Charlotte Morris recently released her first full length album, "Songs for My Next Ex." You can listen HERE!

"Songs for My Next Ex" is the most personal project Charlotte has released to date, with all of the songs being written during and about her most recent relationship. When the album is listened to in order, the story will fall into place - the joy, love, sorrow and growth. The album was both recorded and produced during quarantine.

"Songs for My Next Ex has been transformative for me - both as a woman and as an artist," Charlotte explains. "I am so excited to finally get other ears on it and watch the story unfold for the first time for new listeners. It's definitely terrifying to put this much of my heart and soul out into the world, but I feel like so many people experience this kind of emotional rollercoaster. Even if one person can relate, and hopefully find a strength like I did from these songs, it will be worth it!"

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