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Catching up with Carolyn Miller at #CMAFest2019

Carolyn Miller

Music Update Central: Tell us about your new single!

Carolyn Miller: I just released my new single "What You Can't Have". It was written by my friend Lance Carpenter, Jess Lee & Forest Whitehead. They have had huge #1 hits with Kelsea Ballerini and Brett Young to name a few! Although I write a lot as soon as I heard this song I knew I had to cut it. I love the message and I believe in knowing your self worth, I feel like the song has a great message of empowerment and confidence.

Music Update Central: Speaking of empowerment, let's dive into female empowerment in the music industry and please share with our readers the challenges you have faced in the music industry as a woman.

Carolyn Miller: I am not a big believer in competition, I think everyone has an important message to share through their music. Music is subjective and there is enough room for all of us in this industry. I love how the women in country music are rallying around each other with "Girl Power".

Music Update Central: What do you have going on in the next few months?

Carolyn Miller: Well lets start with this week! This is my first time playing in Nashville during CMAFest week. I'll be doing some really great shows including a show with Ashley McBryde and Walker Hayes. What is really cool is I am great friends with Ashley's band. I can't wait to be backstage with Ashley and the band this time because I am opening for her and not waiting in a VIP line! If you look up Ashley McBryde in the dictionary her face will be right next to the word Bada$$. I am also getting ready to release some more great music.

Music Update Central: What inspires you to keep doing your music journey?

Carolyn Miller: I always knew I wanted to be on the stage singing so it is in my blood. I don't think about it, music is just a part of who I am. And lets talk about my fans, they are all over the world. How amazing is it that I have fans in Indie, South Africa, Peru, Mexico and Canada?? My fans drive me. I had a fan reach out and said to me that my song "I'm On My Way" helped him because he was struggling with his sexuality and it gave him the courage and confidence to feel free and be who he wanted to be. A fan in South Africa reached out and said he was in a very dark place and that every morning he got up and played my EP and he just was able to keep going forward. Knowing my music makes a difference is important, I always say "Music is when words are not enough". When your music is connecting and resonating with someone halfway around the world it makes me want to get into the studio and keep putting out music that is even better than the last song.

Correspondent Trevor Perkins & Carolyn Miller



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