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Carter Brady Reveals Both Sides Of His Mind In His Music Video For "Best of Two Worlds"

Breakthrough indie-rock artist, Carter Brady released his music video for "Best of Two Worlds", a track off his second studio album, "Blue Reverb" today via YouTube. "Overall the meaning behind the song if you listen to it separately from the video is supposed to be about someone who does not care what other people think, and wants to live their life the way they want it. Nobody’s perfect, and life’s not perfect either, but they learn through time and reflection that no matter what they decide to do with their life they will be successful and happy." - Carter Brady

Carter Brady’s undeniably natural ear and an eye for creating a nostalgic 90’s vibe that makes you feel like you’re traveling back in time brings audiences full circle in his new music video for his single “Best Of Two Worlds” off of his Blue Reverb record. Drawing lyrical and melodic inspiration from popular 90’s phenomenons like The Red Hot Chile Peppers and Nirvana, the video opens with Brady playing guitar alone, strumming an iconic indie rock introduction.

Following the importance of mental health awareness that Brady is actively trying to bring to audiences attention, the “Best Of Two Worlds” details how there's always “the best of two worlds in our head / where we go that can’t be said” and “sometimes feelings can’t be read”.

With a wide variety of social media platforms displaying only the highlights of people's lives, what they’re doing, and where they travel to, it can be extremely challenging to not compare yourself to others and feel like you’re constantly competing around the clock to accomplish things.

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