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Bronco Redahan Takes Us on a Whimsical Jouney with "Tell Me Tell Me"

Country Alternative artist Bronco Redahan’s new single and music video "Tell Me Tell Me," released on Friday, May 17th.

Having been surrounded by music his whole life, Bronco has been writing and performing music since highschool. His music is heavily influenced by classic artists like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, and many more. Starting with his church band and moving into making his own local bands, Bronco started touring back in 2010.

Bronco says, “To me, TMTM is about a guy who is hung up on a girl who is entirely out of his league. She’s a rebel. She does what she wants. She isn’t really that interested if you are around or not. She’s going to do what she always has. No person that comes in her life will decide what’s best for her. I think deep down, the guy knows all this and it gives him an edge and maybe will help him discover his true-self. You’re not sure if it’s love, obsession, jealousy, or boredom that leads him chasing after her.”

The music video opens on a man passed out on the ground as the folksy guitar begins to play. The man rises as the camera flips to a woman dressed in cowboy boots, blue jeans, and a western shirt with a cowboy hat to top it off. Cut to Bronco lounging lazily on a blow up alligator as he floats across a pool singing the opening lyrics “Cheap perfume / Bloodshot view / Get back to the old you / Showing you the whole truth.” As Bronco continues to sing, we watch as the woman schemes to capture the man who seems to narrowly escape her hijinks every time. The lyrics provide an interesting juxtaposition to the music video as they convey a man desperately chasing a woman and trying to get her to tell him what she is thinking. 

When talking about the music video, Bronco said, “It has great production and the story is funny. So many videos nowadays are very serious. I wanted to do something that was fun. It reminds me of the Looney Tunes. Almost like Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. Fun shenanigans everywhere! It’s a fun twist!”

Amusing music video aside, Bronco lives up to his self description of “Twang singer” by giving listeners that classic, sharp vocal tone throughout the song. Redahan’s voice gives this tune that special flair that will make you want to put it on repeat all night long. The instrumentation makes a subtle move from folk into a more classically country sound, providing a sonically beautiful backdrop for Bronco’s lovely vocals.

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