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Brianna Harness Releases Daring New Single, "It Ain't Easy"

Photo taken by Alectra Busey

Brianna Harness has released a daring new single “It Ain’t easy”. The song begins with a dark jazz sound and listeners will easily be able to imagine themselves in a smoke-filled piano bar as Harness’ haunting vocals cut through the music. The low piano motifs featured throughout the song add a pensive undertone that blends and dances with the expressive lyrics. This single holds the ambience one might desire while swirling a glass of whiskey contemplating how to bring life to places ”Where there is death and destruction”. Power Guitar holds are an unexpected element that add depth to the already stunning single. Harness’ smooth vocals will add a subconscious contradiction as she sings “It ain’t easy for me” delivering her message with potency and charm.

The music video for “It Ain’t Easy” is set at Nashville’s iconic Rudy’s jazz room. The captivating venue creates the perfect mood for this single. Dark lighting and stolen looks set the visual tone that perfectly encapsulate and compliments the alluring song. The video features well dressed couples dancing, onlookers masking pain with a drink at the bar, and Harness’ own emotion, all showing the many things in life that aren’t easy.

This new single has taken off like forest fire. With over 50,000 views on youtube in its first week, the project is another milestone for Harness. Her previous projects include an EP in 2019, “Sunny Days”, that debuted at #1 on iTunes Blues Charts as well as multiple singles and videos which have reached millions of viewers. “Bad Company” was Harness’ first single ever recorded and went on to gain millions of YouTube views. As the great granddaughter of Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter, Harness carries on a musical legacy that will captivate listeners of all generations.

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