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Brenda Cay Releases New Single, "I Fish" For Pre-Save

Brenda Cay releases touching new single, “I Fish”. This song conveys the heartfelt message of deeply missing someone with reminiscent guitar melodies and emotional vocals. The single summarizes in a few short minutes a feeling that some people experience in a lifetime. It can be extremely hard to revisit places and activities that were once shared with a loved one who has passed. Whether it is packing up the truck for a day of fishing or just driving to the spot you once visited often with the lost loved one, moving on while remembering traditions can be a tricky journey.

“I Fish” was inspired by Cay’s brother who passed away a few years ago. She expresses the emotions and thoughts behind this message and executes an emotional pull with delicacy and passion in her newest single.

"Growing up, I spent a lot of time on the water, boating, swimming, and fishing with my brothers. They are some of my fondest memories and after I lost one of my younger brothers a few years ago, it’s hard to even think about fishing without thinking of him. I asked my friends, Kristin Smith and Skot Bradley, if we could write a song to honor his memory.  This is what we wrote. Kristin is a voice coach and producer on Music Row in Nashville and Skot is a very talented musician. Both are great songwriters and I really enjoy working with them." - Brenda Cay 

For more information visit Brenda's website here


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