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Brenda Cay Releases Her New Single "Drunk on Country Songs"

If you’re browsing around for a new single that combines the two greatest things together, country music and alcohol, then look no further. Brenda Cay came up with some pretty witty lyrics while writing this new song. It’s quotes like “I’ve tried Haggard and Bourbon…” and “I'm numb to the drinking and I'm drunk on country songs” that make you think about how well those two things actually go together! Not only are some of the lyrics witty, but they have a lot of “hidden” connections to some of the songs written and performed by the artists that she mentions.

In most country songs they talk about how drinking will make all the troubles fade and you won't have anything to worry about. Well in Brenda’s song, the “troubles chase the beer away.” The piano gives you the blues feel while the guitarist is giving the feel that we hear in a lot of the older country songs also by the artists she sings about. She definitely knows how to throw her country twang in there to give it an authentic feel. Listen here:

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