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Brenda Cay Honors Adoption with New Single "Remind Me of Me"

Country artist Brenda Cay has just released her latest tune titled “Remind Me Of Me”. A rumble from the drum set kicks the song off as the rest of the band joins in. The instrumentals are upbeat and light with a classic country sound. Brenda’s expertly written lyrics jump straight into the story. The chorus consists of the questions that Brenda has had running through her head all these years, “Is your hair blonde like mine? / Does it show off your dark brown eyes? / Did I get your sense of humor, because mine is kinda dry.” Her angelic voice brings confidence as she sings “I’ll know when I find you / You’ll remind me of me.” She does an amazing job at balancing her thoughts on what could have been while recognizing the positive aspects of adoption. All of these lyrics are coming straight from the heart, typical for this outstanding songwriter. This song perfectly encapsulates the adopted child experience, the questions and the hurt that comes from all the tumultuous thoughts.

Download and Stream: Remind Me of Me

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