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Breakout Singer-Songwriter Ty Graham Releases Debut Single "By Now"

Breakout Singer-Songwriter Ty Graham released his debut solo release "By Now" on November 6th, 2020.  

“By Now” by Ty Graham is a classic country/pop song that is sure to make you feel all the feelings. With rich vocals, beautifully produced instrumental aspects, and a catchy hook, this song is an instant contender for any breakup playlist. Graham laments about how he should be over the person he was so in love with, and that the lost love “should have quit hurting by now.” The song is honest, well-written, and tells a story most everyone has been through. 

“By Now” has a gorgeous slow opening with haunting soft background vocals that help the listener to envision the images of the past relationship. The verses depict how Graham holds onto the hope he will be able to rekindle the lost relationship, while he feels he should be going out and living his life. He sings about the fear he will see his ex-love around and about his fear of spilling his feelings of vulnerability. The verses tell a perfect story of all the memories the singer shared with this special someone, and the thought-out lyrics paint a picture of true heartbreak. When it comes to pop/country songs, the chorus is key in engaging the audience – and the chorus in “By Now” is something magical. It is catchy and is truly genuine to the feelings someone has after a hard split from someone they love and care about. This chorus tugs on the heartstrings.

As for instrumentation, the arpeggiating guitar and plucked banjo ringing in the background against Graham’s clean and smooth vocal support the ambiance of the song. The subtle instrumentation creates a melancholy yet hopeful feeling for the listener and brings the lyrics to life. Songwriters: Ty Graham, Chase Coy & Rob Crosby. Producer: Brian Howes, Mix Engineer Jason Van Poederooyen, Mastering Joey Diehl, Armoury Studios, 

“By Now” is a perfect retelling of how breakups can undoubtedly affect us in the long term. The song teaches us that sometimes we need to learn how to let go of the good times that play in the “slideshow full of memories” Graham references in the lyrics. 

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