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Breakout Country Artist Matt Austin Takes Us All In With His New Single "You're In It"

Matt Austin's new single is both beautiful and inspiring as he pens a song for love. The new single released on November 20th and debuted on Apple Hot Tracks Country.

Matt Austin sings us a heartfelt song about two people who fall in love at first sight. Matt along with his co-writers Spencer Crandall and Nick Alligood wrote a lyrically perfect love song with a romantic composition. "You're In It" is a standout country love song. Matt's vocals are emotional and believable as he delivers a story that we can all celebrate even if we have never experienced falling in love at first sight. The storyline begins with a man outside a coffee shop, glancing through the window, as the lyrics take us on his journey of having his world turned upside down when he catches a glimpse of the woman. He expresses his happiness of how it was like any other day, then "everything changed." This is a fairy tale with a happy ending. "You're my soulmate, my home days, my one escape from this crazy world that we're living in," and we believe every lyric of this song. Matt Austin has been nominated as Best New Country Artist 2016 by New Music Weekly. He is considered an emerging national act and with his single "Bad Feelin" which reached #1 for four weeks in New Music Weekly and was in the Top 80 on the Music Row Country Breakout chart!

"I've never seen an artist who loves to perform live more than Matt Austin... He lives to entertain!!!" -Ben Doughty General Manager/ The Fillmore Theatre Detroit

"Matt Austin is a true entertainer, on and off the stage. He is incredibly passionate and works tirelessly to perfect his craft." -Cody Grup Live Nation Michigan

Connect With Matt Website Twitter Facebook TikTok @iammattaustin


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