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Bonnie Dymond Signs Publishing Deal with Warner/Chappell Music

Singer-Songwriter and Producer Bonnie Dymond inked a deal with Warner/Chappell Music as a songwriter and producer last week. Dymond who has been working primarily in Los Angeles has cultivated an extensive catalog of music and songs. Josh Windt an artist and label manager sent a few songs to Andrew Harr (½ of Grammy Nominated production team, "The Runners") who had just started a partnership venture with WCM overseen by A&R President, Ryan Press. It’s very rare to find a unique talent such as Bonnie Dymond. "Her sense of melody and understanding of song structure is superlative.” - Andrew Harr. Andrew passed the songs along to Ryan and they decided to extend a co-pub offer between WCM and Numbers Don't Lie (Publishing/Catalogue operated by Andrew "Dru" Harr, Jermaine "Mayne" Jackson of The Runners and Josh Windt).

Its not everyday you come across the type of talent like Bonnie I feel truly blessed and honored to be apart of her journey.” - Jermaine "Mayne" Jackson

"Bonnie and I began working together more on the media side of the music business. Never once did I expect to hear the songs she had sent me but once she said she was an artist I said, “send over some tunes, I’d love to check them out”. I immediately sent them over to Dru and Mayne because I knew she was special. The way she can paint a vivid picture with her lyrics is true art at its finest. It’s what all songwriters strive to do in order to create timeless music.” - Josh Windt

"I am beyond excited and honored to be joining the WCM famil, working under one of the biggest publishing entities in the world under the direction of Ryan Press, Dru, Mayne and Josh of Numbers Don't Lie." - Bonnie Dymond Bonnie kicked off her new deal with working on Kidd G's newest EP "Teenage Dream" (released on November 26, 2020). Dymond produced and co-wrote 3 of the 6 songs with Kidd G earning a co-executive producer credit. The EP will be distributed under the production company, Se Lavi and Interscope records.


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