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Blaine Holcomb Releases Timeless EP "Lessons"

Blaine’s new EP release, called Lessons, brings the audience the perfect romantic and melancholic atmosphere divided between 6 beautifully crafted songs.

The EP opens up with I Ain’t Making That Up, a song which creates the perfect romantic and country atmosphere as it makes listeners reminisce about their childhood years! We slide right into a contagious country tune that will transport the audience into a romantic atmosphere as they think of their loved ones with When It Comes To Love. This song will make everyone wish they experience a love as beautiful as the one Blaine describes.

The third track, called Lessons, features Kinsey Rose. It gives listeners a melancholic vibe, as Blaine sings a soft melody talking about not taking things for granted. Expectin’ Champagne, gives the audience a beautifully crafted love ballad that will pull at people’s heartstrings as they imagine the words being said. In this tune, listeners are able to experience melancholy in Blaine’s voice as he sings about how that night didn’t go as he planned.

Track five creates a contagious atmosphere with its country melody that will make it impossible to sit still while listening to it. Sober Situation, will definitely create a visual experience that will make the audience completely lost in the song.

Blaine rounds out the EP with his romantic country single Love A Little More. Starting with a contagious country melody, the track sets the perfect atmosphere for Blaine’s vocals, which will pull people’s heartstrings.This beautifully crafted country EP will quickly earn its place in people’s playlists and will become a go-to EP blast in the speakers as we melt into Fall.

Lessons EP Tracklist: 1. I Ain't Making That Up

2. When It Comes To Love

3. Lessons (feat. Kinsey Rose)

4. Expectin' Champagne

5. Sober Situation

6. Love A Little More Lessons EP Production Info:

Producer: Jay Brunswick

Band recorded at: Omni Sound Studios

Engineer: Chris Utley

Lead Guitar: Justin Ostrander

Acoustic Guitar: Tim Galloway

Bass: Tim Denbo

Drums: Evan Hutchings

Keys: Billy Nobel

Pedal Steel Guitar: Justin Schipper

Fiddle: Shawn Bailey

Vocals recorded at: Sound Emporium

Engineer: Mike Stankiewicz

bgv's: Shawn Bailey; Kinsey Rose featured on "Lessons"

Mixing engineer: Chris Utley

Mastering: John Mayfield (Mayfield Mastering)


I Ain't Making That Up: Blaine Holcomb / Jabe Burgess

When It Comes To Love: Blaine Holcomb / Jabe Burgess

Lessons: Tommy Karlas / Dave Turnbull / Whitney Duncan

Expectin' Champagne: Tommy Karlas / Ward Davis / Ray Scott

Sober Situation: Jay Brunswick / Jason Blaine / Josh Dunne

Love A Little More: Blaine Holcomb / Jay Brunswick / Jason Blaine


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