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Becca Bowen Releases New Single "Like You've Never Been Loved"

Rising country artist Becca Bowen has released a new single titled "Like You've Never Been Loved," off her upcoming debut EP due out later this year.

LISTEN to "Like You've Never Been Loved" here.

The country ballad is carried by acoustic guitars, piano accompaniment in the chorus, and a steady drumbeat that allows Bowen to express a message of devotion to showing someone what it's like to truly be loved with no reservations.

Becca's debut single, "Love It, Leave It," put her on the map within country music. Since then, Becca has released "Just Be You," "Home," and "Gunshots or Fireworks." In 2021, Becca participated in the Outdoor Channel's popular show For Love Or Likes, in which she came out the champion of the completion.

Debuting in 2022, Becca released her single "Glitter" which received praise from The Nash News, Cowgirl Magazine, and Entertainment Tonight. The single debuted on Spotify's New Music Nashville editorial and has been supported for six consecutive weeks since its release.

Later this year, Becca is set to release her debut EP which will feature songs from award-winning country artist Lee Brice, ACM nominated artists, Rebecca Lynn Howard, and Rachel Bradshaw.


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