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Be Your Own Hero With Aaron Marlowe's Latest Single & Music Video "Heroes"

On June 23rd, rock artist Aaron Marlowe released his single “Heroes” along with the accompanying music video. You can find the single on any streaming platform Click Here. This song tells the story of being let down by some of the people you look up to most. Aaron Marlowe does a perfect job at describing how hard it is to trust again after dealing with so many broken promises.

The lyrics and music video portray a teenage girl and her struggle with finding how to be her own hero rather than depending on anyone else. In between those scenes are B rolls featuring Aaron narrating while playing the guitar with a black and white filter. This filter serves as a reminder of how it feels to feel so hopeless that it seems like the color has been stripped from our worlds. An honest and true story, this stripped down video does not sugar coat the frustration and anger that inspired this single, but represents it authentically.

“Heroes” is just one of the many releases Aaron has planned for the summer. Up next is Aaron's EP Ressurection dropping this summer.

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