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Atom and Bluxz Release New Collaboration with Dallas & 5STAR

Atom is a Gold Certified Music Producer from Toronto. He has worked with Major Labels such as Universal, Warner, Sony, and OVO. Atom found his true happiness and success creating his own collective with Artists Dallas, 5Star and Bluxz. Atom won song of the year in Belgium for his co-write ‘In The Mood’ 2018. Atom continues to build his reputation in music for his stellar ear, and drive for getting the best out of the Artists he works with.

Thanks for chatting with Music Update Central! What's the inspiration behind your new song "Love Never Dies"? At first there wasn't really an intention for Love Never Dies. When Bluxz and I sit down to create something from scratch we get into our zen state and we make a creative mess! The respect between Bluxz and I is 100. When He has an ideaI let him see it through and vice versa. We ensure there is no limitations to the process. Once the hook was created by Dallas my mind started ticking with a ton of ideas and now were here with 100 Thousand Streams on Spotify and a new record on the way.

When did you know that you wanted to pursue a musical career? Since childhood! I was born into music. Literally. My family was always playing music and my cousin played a huge roll in my punk rock mentality. At age 16 I realized I could turn this into a career and I did. 

How did the collaboration between of Atom & Bluxz happen? Through Sam G and Wondagurl. Wondagurl came by the studio Bluxz and I work out of. She was using the A room and I was hanging with Bluxz in the B room. I was really drawn to his hard sound and workflow. We began collaborating and traveling together and were still going strong!

What can fans expect in the future? The launch of the NEW TORONTO GRUNGE brand. More music from the Artists I am working with and more music from Bluxz and I.


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