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Asiah "The Continent" Million Releases Book/Album Duo Project

From the woman who wrote Dreams, Love, and Music: Dream Your Life, Then Live Your Dreams, Asiah Million is back again with a new book Dreams, Love and Music: Lifestyle Revised. Music Update Central had the privilege of interviewing her regarding the upcoming book/album release.


Music Update Central: What inspired you to write this book/when did the inspiration occur?

Asiah Million: I was inspired because in doing vocal sessions with aspiring artists, they would tell me their stories. In telling those stories, it would push them to either pursue their artistic careers or show them that dream isn't really what they wanted. Sometimes you need someone to talk to outside of yourself to realize what your purpose truly is which is why I also became a life coach.

MUC: What was the writing process like?

AM: I wrote the entirety of the manuscript on my own. I've been writing for three years but mostly smaller projects. Anytime I was inspired I would grab a notebook and write. It wasn’t until the pandemic that I finished a writing project in its entirety.

MUC: What would you hope readers would take away from this?

AM: That no matter how bad they may think their story is, it's their story and it’s valid. Theres always a way to revise and keep writing their book. They don’t have to remain silent about it.

MUC: What inspired you to release a coinciding album?/tell us more about it

AM: I wanted to do a soundtrack at first. I've always wanted to do my own album but I realized a lot of people needed help. I thought to myself "how can I express myself and help others at the same time?" and so the idea of writing an album along with the book happened.

MUC: How have you been affected by the pandemic and what creative ways have you found to overcome those issues?

AM: Finishing the book was the biggest project during this time. Writing songs and creating music has helped cope with the uncertainty. Throughout the pandemic the vibes were low and its been sad and angry. I wanted to write music that raised the collective vibes and energy.


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