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Ashlyn Grayce Shares Raw Emotion with New Single, “I Need To Feel This”

Rising Country singer-songwriter Ashlyn Grayce just the next single, “I Need To Feel This,” off her Somethin’ ‘Bout A Song EP, which debuted both at #4 on iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart and on their Bestseller list upon release. It was co-written by Grayce and Evan Thompson and is currently available through all streaming platforms, digital retailers, and on her website. She also released the corresponding video on Friday, August 8, which premiered on American Music Channel, a discovery platform for emerging artists founded by Hal Willis, the former head of Country Music Television (CMT), and it will also be added to her YouTube channel. The video was filmed at Sevier Park in Nashville and was directed by Jude Salazar.

Ashlyn was also gracious enough to do a quick Q & A for Music Update Central, and such a pleasure to read:

MUC: I see in your Bio, that you are a Nashville Native. Has music always

been in your life?

Ashlyn: Yes! It sure has. Actually, fun fact, my mom and dad met singing at the Grand Ole

Opry. They both moved to Nashville where they then got married and raised me and

my younger brother. With both my mom and dad being in the music industry and

being musical themselves, I was always being taken to different music events

around town, meeting industry professionals and messing around with all sorts of


MUC: Who is your music idol, someone you would like to meet one day?

Ashlyn: I really do love Taylor Swift. Not only is she such a great songwriter and musician,

but she has really worked her way up in the music industry and uses her spotlight in

such a positive way by helping other people, including her fans. I am so fortunate

because I have actually gotten to meet her a few times and she is always so sweet

and down to earth.

MUC: What was you inspiration for your Video for your song, "I Need to

Feel This"?

Ashlyn: Well, I had just gone through a breakup and was feeling pretty down. My dad and

brother kept telling me to just get over it and try and move on, which I then

responded that I needed to feel how I was feeling! (I promise they are sweet people

haha! They just didn't want to see me so down). I personally believe it is very

important to feel our emotions and not try to cover them it. It’s just part of the

healing process.

MUC: Love the song, "Something 'Bout A Song". Who did you write it with,

and are you planning a video for it?

Ashlyn: Thank you! I wrote this song with Dave and Julia Carlson from Wild Life Crush. I

haven't thought much about a video for this specific song yet, but hey, maybe so! I

think it would be a really fun one.

MUC: What is your tour schedule? Are you going to be touring the country,

any plans?

Ashlyn: I have many local shows coming up around the Nashville area that I am really

excited about.

MUC: Who is your favorite Songwriter to work with?

Ashlyn: This is a really tough one because I work with so many talented songwriters. I have

really been loving writing with Steve Dean though...writing with him is such an

honor and I learn so much during my time with him. We’ve had several writes and

each write we have, we always walk away with a really cool song.

MUC: Anything else you would like to add so our followers can get to know

you better?

I would love for y’all to check out my website and follow me on social media to get a

glimpse into my life and upcoming shows! I am always posting about music, as well

as my life outside of music including trips I take with my husband, my friends, and family...

You can find Ashlyn Grayce on all music platforms.


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