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Andrew Farriss shares details on "All The Stars Are Mine"

Gearing up for the release of his first solo EP, songwriter Andrew Farriss delivers refreshing optimism with an enchanting new single titled, "All The Stars Are Mine". The single is the perfect representation of what Andrew’s forthcoming EP Love Makes The World mirrors. The EP, slated for release on October 2, 2020, will give listeners a unique peek into his solo efforts; a project the esteemed songwriter has been working on for more than a decade. In fact, Andrew’s debut solo album was due for release in 2020, but COVID-19 threw a curveball into those plans. Rather than sit back and wait, Andrew put plans in motion to bring forward the release of his already completed 2021 EP so he could still share music with fans who had been waiting. Farriss’s EP, Love Makes The World will be released through BMG and is available now for preorder.

Listen to "All The Stars Are Mine" Here


Music Update Central: What was your inspiration for this song?

Andrew Farriss: My inspiration for the song "All The Stars Are Mine" comes from having 2 of my 3 children born, and for a while all 3 raised, in a different country than my home country (Australia). During my life I have travelled to and worked in 52 different countries. It is the diversity of culture around the world that makes the world a more beautiful place.

MUC: What has been your favorite success thus far with this project?

AF: The songs have been the big success so far!! People, including radio and media alike, are enjoying my new 5 track EP. Thank you everyone!

What was your thought process behind the music video?

AF: The thought process behind the video for the single was to have a feel good video around a campfire with good friends and family. [I wanted] to enjoy the outdoors in a Australian outback location and the stars on a beautiful full moon night. We were very fortunate with the weather on the night we shot the video.

MUC: Can we expect more projects from you soon?

AF: After my current EP there will follow the release of my self-titled LP. Pre order is available before the release in March 2021.

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