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Alyssa Trahan Releases “We Used To Be Happy” Off Forthcoming Album Baby Blues & Stilettos

Alyssa Trahan released the mid-tempo track “We Used To Be Happy” today. Exclusively premiered by Sounds Like Nashville, her clever writing manages to be both reminiscent and regretful at the same time. The track shares a sense of deep longing for what could have been. Kicking off the first verse, written by Trahan and co-producer Jonathan Guzman along with Adam Drexler and David Cole, with vivid visuals, she traces the story of romantic fallout when the magic disappears. Listen to “We Used To Be Happy Here” here.

“This is my favorite song I’ve ever released. Working with Jonathan on the production really made it sparkle and it has some of my favorite lyrics in it. This is a little sneak peek into my upcoming album and I couldn’t be more excited!” said Trahan.

“The up-tempo breakup tune finds Trahan recalling the blissful days of a past relationship as she struggles to move on from the beautiful what-was.” - Jeremy Chua, Sounds Like Nashville

“We Used To Be Happy” is the latest single off Trahan’s forthcoming album Baby Blues & Stilettos due out this spring. Amidst the pandemic, she was busy self-producing her debut album, showcasing her talents as a producer and multi-instrumentalist. Listeners can expect to be uplifted after listening through this feel-good album. Pre-Save Baby Blues & Stilettoshere.


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