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Alyssa Joseph Releases Raw and Radical Honest Album "Guts"

Nashville indie-rock goddess Alyssa Joseph releases a collection of vulnerable songs in her new album release "guts," available everywhere now.

Her long-awaited LP “guts” delivers a raw and radically honest look at a young woman confronting heartbreak, shame, and her own questions of existence in 9 exacting tracks. In just 32 minutes, Alyssa spills her guts across diner booths, basement floors, and leather car seats - all for the world to see. Follow along this scrutinizing journey of self-reflection, remorse, resilience, and survival through what she describes “as some of the hardest points of my life.”

Accompanying the release, Alyssa released the official music video for "What to Do" which has gained over 10,000 views since release.

"Guts" Album Tracklist:

  1. Intro

  2. Easier

  3. What to Do

  4. Itch

  5. Alive

  6. Sadboy

  7. Leaning

  8. Curled Toes

  9. Leather

On “guts,” we find a collection of songs steeped in the sadgirl grunge Alyssa’s fans have come to crave, with the high energy singles like “sadboy,” “easier” and “what to do.” With the highs certainly comes to

the lows - the post-grad-sad of “leaning,” and the loathsome anger of the “intro” song and “leather.”

Alyssa Joseph is a thriving singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has toured through Texas and up and down the Northeast, playing at Sofar Sound shows in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, and Louisville. Her recent EP-- titled “alive” and released on June 4th, 2021-- received wide acclaim from the local and national press, including Guitar Girl Magazine, Music Crowns, Broadway World, and a five-out-of-five star review on Square One Magazine.

She is an advocate for body positivity and creating a more diverse and inclusive space within the music industry.


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